Do it Now! The Small Projects DIY Month

Got a project? Let us help you get it done in February.

This month we're teaming up with energetic bunch over at Etsy and holding our second DIY small project contest. We're also doing something new and inviting small projects across our entire network.

  • Apartment Therapy - home decor projects
  • The Kitchn - kitchen projects
  • Ohdeedoh - kids' home projects
  • Unplggd - home office & tech projects
  • Re-Nest - green home projects

We invite you to tackle one small household project: painting a bureau, rewiring your home theater, building an organizer for all your cooking spices, whatevering a whatever. We're going to do it together and share tips, resources and inspiration.

Together we can get them all done.

Why? Because everyone has at least one project in their home that they've been dying to do and the depths of winter is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and get old chores done.

In addition, we're going to award prizes for those that really shine.

All Entries

Contest Rules

Who May Enter?

  • All readers anywhere in the world can enter, but…
  • US entries only are eligible for sponsored US prizes, International winners will receive a special AT prize only (we have to avoid legal complications with gifts being given overseas)

Which Projects?

  • Project must have been done by you
  • Project must be completed before deadline of February 23rd (get going!)
  • Project must be a small project that can be completed in one to two weekends (though gathering materials may take time beforehand)
  • We are looking to share skills, tools and resources that have broad appeal with all of our readers
  • We are looking for contributions in five specific areas: Home Decor, Kitchen & Cooking, Kids @ Home, Home Office & Tech and Green Projects.

What to Submit?

Submissions must consist of:

  • 5 pictures (1 before, 2 after, 1 tools and 1 in process shot)
  • Name of project, your name (online name and/or real name), location
  • List of tools and resources
  • Step by step how to instructions
  • Expense and time spent
  • Editors reserve the right not to post a submission, or to move it to another site if the fit is better


  • Contest Runs for four weeks, from February 2 through March 2nd
  • The AT Network will publish a maximum of 18 entries a day
  • Winners are announced on Monday, March 2nd


  • One Etsy prize will be awarded on The Kitchn, Ohdeedoh, Re-Nest and Unplggd and two Etsy prizes will be awarded on Apartment Therapy.
  • Six additional Judge's Choice awards will also be awarded

Reader's Voting

  • Voting will be different from all of our previous contests and projects in that we'll be using approval voting only. Our goal here is to accent the positive and remove the negative from what we see as a great opportunity to share knowledge.
  • The winners will be those submissions that receive the most "thumbs up" votes from our readers.
  • Every submission may receive a "thumbs up" from every reader once. Readers may "thumbs up" as many submissions as they like through March 2nd.
  • We think that submissions posted earlier will have only a very small advantage, but if this matters to you, please get your submission in asap and we'll get it up asap.

Judges Choice

  • Our six judges will each be awarding one honorary prize of their own, which is completely at their discretion.
  • These "Judge's Choice Awards" will be announced at the same time on Tuesday, March 3rd.


If you are having technical trouble, please email contesthelp@apartmenttherapy.com.