Who Has the Most Inspiring Small, Cool Kitchen?

At The Kitchn we believe that fabulous dinner parties and nourishing food can be cooked up in even the smallest of kitchens. We are so inspired by clever and creative home kitchen solutions, and this month we are inviting our readers to show us own their small, cool kitchens.

Is your kitchen less than 120 square feet? Have you improved it in some way, or conquered a challenge? Have you made it more beautiful, more healthy, more functional? We want to see your kitchen, and our readers' top three favorites will receive a bundle of kitchen goodies. Everyone gets inspired; everyone gets to share in the nourishment.


April 30-May 12 Entries Accepted
May 4-May 25 Thumbs-Up Round
May 27-May 28 Finalist Voting
May 28 Winners Announced
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U.S. Winner


Tanya's Former Light Bulb Factory Kitchen

When Tanya and her husband Ryan bought their loft condo in East Boston, Massachusetts, the kitchen was small and limited. It was crammed up against one wall, with very little lighting. The building used to be a Christmas light factory, and then a bra manufacturer. The space was was open and raw, but inspired by mid-century design and their own "simple, timeless aesthetic, with some warmth," Tany and Ryan remodeled the kitchen into a fantastic new space! The final result is a splendid kitchen for home cooking, entertaining, and relaxing. Tanya says that their favorite meal to cook in the kitchen is a big weekend breakfast with "pancakes, scrambled eggs, and veggie sausages."

International Winner


Megumi's Hand-Made Brussels Kitchen

Megumi and her partner Keiichi rent a small, sunlit kitchen in a 19th century maison in Brussels, Belgium. The kitchen was renovated by their landlord, and they brought in recycled office cabinets for drawers and Megumi's own collection of kitchen antiques. She loves how her collections of antique medicine pots and Japanese cookware blend into this old, handmade kitchen. She says that her friends love her sushi, but she is also working on authentic Belgian cuisine, like Flemish beef stew.


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